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Curved tweezers

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Curved tweezers
Curved tweezers

We know how hard the eyelash extension application can be on the hands. Our tweezers are crafted from stainless steel.  Our collection of precision tweezers includes the most popular styles that every lash technician should have, including these curved tweezers.

Our tweezers are lightweight and offer an exceptionally fine point for precise accuracy.

Additionally, the tweezers have been designed with a maximal surface area on the contact end, for ease of use when gripping and holding extensions. Our tweezers were made from metallurgical materials and applied the most stringent manufacturing standards to offer the best tweezer value.

Stainless steel construction keeps tools corrosion free and easy to clean. All of our tweezers are anti-magnetic, acid resistant, and temperature resistant to ensure prolonged use and extended tool life.

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