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What is the difference between eyelash extensions and “Falsies”

Maya Stoimenova

Falsies is a pretty common term for false lashes or strip lashes. You’ll often find these at makeup shops or anywhere that sells beauty products.

They’re a single strip of lashes that stick onto your natural lashes, but you’ll probably agree that they all look very fake. They’re generally very thick, and often very shiny! None of those are qualities you get with natural looking lashes. Falsies are great for their purpose, which is to be a cheap, fast way to make your eyes stand out without using extreme mascara.

Eyelash extensions are just like your natural eyelashes. They look the same, feel very soft and light, and look very natural. And the thing with your natural eyelashes is that they fall out.

They have a natural cycle where little baby lashes sprout up, then grow into thick mature lashes, and then fall out, only to be replaced by a fresh baby lash. The fall rate is usually something like 2 to 5 every day, but that’ll depend on the person. 

The problem occurs when we get eyelash extensions because each extension is glued permanently to one of your natural lashes when your natural lash falls out, it takes the extension with it. And now that it’s longer and thicker, it’s much more noticeable when it happens. It’s a natural process and is to be expected. If the extensions were applied properly, they’ll only fall out when your natural lashes do.

I quite often get clients coming to me from other salons (usually cheaper ones) where they’ve used WAY too much glue and clumped natural lashes together with extensions and caused massive damage. This puts a lot of tensions on your natural lashes and pulls them right out.

If this happens then the best thing to do is wait for them to all come out naturally.

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