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What are the different types of eyelash extensions

Maya Stoimenova

Let’s talk about the different styles of lash extensions you might want to offer to your clients. 

These include Classic, Hybrid, Volume, & Mega Volume Lashes.

Classic lashes are applied with a 1:1 ratio.  This means that one single lash extension adheres to one single natural lash. They’re meant to extend, darken and thicken the client’s natural lashes.   These were the first style of lash extensions to come on the market, and this is the style that you most commonly see people wearing.  But everything is changing with Volume lashes becoming more popular among the lash-obsessed.

classic lashes set

Volume lashes are created using a “fan” of two to eight super lightweight lash extensions, each of which is expertly applied to a single natural lash to create a voluminous, fluffy lash line.  These lashes add more drama and fullness to the set.

Volume lashes

Hybrid lashes are a blend of classic and volume applications, which results in the fullness of volume lashes along with the doe-eyed length of classics.

Hybrid lashes set

Mega volume lashes are quite new on the scene. These involve fans of 8-15 ultra-lightweight lash extensions adhered to one natural lash and result in a super dramatic special occasion look.

Mega volume lashes set

Now that you understand the different styles of lash extensions available, let’s talk about the lash extensions themselves!

There are essentially two kinds of extension available: Real fur or hair, and synthetic.

Real Mink lashes are made of actual mink fur. In my opinion, real mink lashes are not a desirable option due primarily to the inhumane methods used to harvest the fur.  In addition, they are very expensive, and they easily lose curl once wet since they are real hair.  

Most of the time, anything labelled Mink or Silk is actually a synthetic lash made of a plastic called PBT. You as a lash tech should always inform about the product you use. These two marketing labels have just stuck around through the years because honestly, PBT doesn’t sound all that luxurious!

For example, one manufacturer could produce a Silk lash that is very shiny, while another’s Silk lash could be matte and very tapered – these two lashes would result in completely different looks once applied.   There are other fancy words out there in the industry – Cashmere, Diamond, Laser, Clover, Flat, etc which may only confuse or even mislead.  The bottom line is all synthetic lashes are essentially plastic but there are certain characteristics produced during manufacturing that can vary to produce different results with the finished full set.  

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