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What are eyelash extensions made of?

Maya Stoimenova

It is a common misconception that nowadays the mink lashes are made from the fur of a little animal called mink (see photo below) and the silk lashes are made from silkworms.

American mink

Photo: Pdreijnders

Even though eyelash extensions from a real mink animal exist, they are very expensive (usually over $70 per tray) and are rarely used and very uncommon to see in the real world.

We do not support any kind of animal cruelty, so we do not source or offer lashes made from real animals.

Usually, the mink and silk eyelash products offered online are made from a chemical called PBT or Polybutylene Terephthalate. They are also called faux mink or faux silk lashes.

With the big advances of the chemical industry nowadays, the faux lashes are being produced in quantities and with high-quality, that is really hard to match by any other product. The PBT plastic is a high-quality product that virtually can't be distinguished from a real eyelash when comparing softness, colour and appearance.

Silk lashes and mink lashes usually come in trays, ordered and ready to be used by the lash technician.

Lashes which come in a tube or small jar are called 'loose lashes' or 'acrylic lashes'.

When originally created these loose lashes were made from a low-grade hard plastic called acrylic (this is where the name comes from as well). These lashes were available back in the day when the industry was just starting and are not so common today. Even though nowadays the loose lashes are made from exactly the same PBT plastic as the tray lashes these are not often used as they are hard to work with and separate.

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