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How to use an eyelash extensions glue adhesive

Maya Stoimenova

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Nowadays, a lot of eyelash technicians have bad experiences with the eyelash glue due to the fact that not a lot of training sessions are covering this topic but this could be improved by following some simple steps when working with glues and adhesives in our industry.
All eyelash glues and adhesives need moisture and heat to set properly and dry. The heat makes the eyelash glue to dry and the moisture activates a chemical reaction which causes it to become solid and dry. The ideal conditions for most eyelash extension glues and adhesives are temperatures between 20 to 28 degrees Celsius and relative humidity (RH) of 40% to 60%. All other conditions are not optimal and can cause the glue to behave abnormally and cause the technician a lot of trouble.
When working with eyelash glue it is really important to know and understand your working environment. It is recommended to know what the temperature and the humidity in the room are in order to take full advantage of the adhesive qualities. Keep close attention of those and adjust as need to achieve optimal conditions. If needed, adjust the air conditioner temperature or increase the relative humidity using a humidifier. Small changes can make a big difference.

Our Sky eyelash glues come in two options S+ stronghold and D type. All of them have an ideal working temperature of 23 degrees to 28 degrees Celsius. The optimal relative humidity for our Sky eyelash glue is between 45% and 55%.
Learning how to use an eyelash glue properly takes time. On a hot humid day, put out smaller drops of glue every few minutes. Use your jade stone properly and add a new drop every time. If you are using a U-shape ring use one for each application.
Make sure that you don't add glue to an existing drop or top up your U-shape ring as the chemical reaction of the glue and the environment starts at the moment it gets out of the bottle. Adding additional glue to an existing drop or pool of glue will affect the adhesive qualities of the glue and will decrease its strength and lasting time.
It is really important to ensure that your Jade stone or U-shape glue ring is clean and dry. They should be clean of any residue and should not be covered with tape as this can have a negative reaction on the glue. When the glue is applied to a surface which is not clean and dry, a chemical reaction can be forced which will have a negative impact on the eyelash application and their longevity.
If you are on the market for eyelash extension glue, check out our high-quality adhesives and glue products. Sky glue is one of the most respectable brands on the market. and offers a high retention time of the eyelash.
Also be sure to check out this article to learn how to store your glue and extend its life.

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