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How to store an eyelash extensions glue adhesive

Maya Stoimenova

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The way you store your eyelash glue is also a big factor when it comes to usability of the adhesive.
Once opened the bottle should not be stored in the fridge. If you have kept your eyelash adhesive in the fridge make sure that you take it out and store it at a room temperature for several hours before your next appointment.
Preparation for storing your eyelash glue is also very important. After you finish using the glue you need to ensure that the bottle is properly sealed so the adhesive can keep its qualities.
  • Before closing the lid ensure that the glue is no longer running. It helps if you keep the bottle at around a 45-degree angle until it stops. 
  • Then clean the nozzle and ensure there is no moisture or dirt around it.
  • Put the bottle in its protective pouch and don't forget to add a desiccant (silica gel) to the pouch as well. This will absorb any moisture and keep your glue fresh and ready for the next application.
  • Remove the air from the protective pouch before sealing it.
This is why every bottle of Sky eyelash extension glue comes with its own protective pouch. After use ensure that the bottle is properly sealed and placed inside the pouch. This will allow you to use your Sky eyelash extension glue for a longer period of time and protect your investment. By keeping the eyelash extension glue at a room temperature you ensure that there is no condensation on the inside of the bottle which can affect its adhesive qualities. Storing your adhesive in a dark and dry place will increase its longevity and performance and can save you money in the long run.
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