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How to improve your eyelash retention

Maya Stoimenova

It is really easy to get frustrated when things are not going as we would like them to. Working with clients is hard enough but when the lashes are not bonding properly can be even more irritating. It can cost you money and lost customers. At the end of the day, your customers are paying a lot of money and expect top-notch service. It is never a good thing if their lashes start to fall a week after the procedure.

Keep your eyelashes

It is really easy to start blaming the eyelash products and the glue you are using for your misfortunes but usually, we as lash technicians have the ability to fix it.

As with everything else in life as you gain more experience and as you practice, you will get better and improve your eyelash retention. But there are some simple things that you can change in order to see improvements straight away.

OK, let's see why you may have lash retention issues and how you can fix them.

  • Your client has not followed the pre-procedure instructions - Ensure that the client has no makeup on arrival. It is crucial that there are no external elements around the lash that can cause improper bond and connection between the lash and the extension. Always take the time to explain to your clients your requirements as this will ultimately increase the quality of your service and end product.
  • Your environment is not offering optimal conditions for the glue - You room environment needs to follow certain recommendations in order to get the best results out of your eyelash products. Check out our quick guide on how to use eyelash extension glue. We cover what are the best conditions for your glue and how to get optimal results.
  • Lashes are not cleaned properly - If there is a residue or the lashes have not been properly cleaned and prepared you can get a really bad bond between the lash and the extension. Always thoroughly clean and rinse the lashes with a Lash cleanser and ensure that the lashes are in top condition before starting the application process.
  • Bond not made correctly - This could be due to a breeze or fast setting glue. When just starting out it is really easy to make a mistake and get a glue that is very fast setting. As we grow and gain experience as a lash technician it will be easier for us to perform all actions quicker and with great precision. If you are just starting out, make sure that the glue you have selected to work with gives you enough time to make a proper connection between the lash and the extension. We would recommend using Sky glue/adhesive - D type as it has a slower drying time.
  • Not changing your glue drop frequently - Always use fresh glue and ensure that the glue ring or palette is clean and dry before applying adhesive to it.
  • You glue is off because it has not been stored correctly - Always ensure you follow these simple steps when storing your lash glue. This will save you time and money.

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