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How to control the moisture level in your room

Maya Stoimenova

With the summer just around the corner, it is the perfect time to have a look at how to control the moisture in your room in order to get the best results and lash retention.

Working with lash glues and adhesives can be challenging. They rely heavily on the fact that the environment they are used in are optimal so they can make great bond and last longer.

Moisture is one of the elements that have a high impact on the way our glue behaves. It is the moisture which cures (sets) our glue and its levels affect the glue properties and qualities.

The best way to monitor the humidity in the room is via a digital hygrometer. You can buy them online from various stores. They are quite affordable.

The recommended humidity in the room depends on the brand of the glue. Our Sky glue has a recommended range of 45%-55%.

Lowering the humidity levels

Here are some methods that can help you decrease the humidity levels in the room. Please note that some of them may not have an effect straight away and may require an extended period of time to take effect (1-3 days).

  • Using dehumidifier is maybe the best solution as it gives you great control over the humidity levels
  • Using air conditioning in the room on a 'dry' setting
  • Using fans can move the air and help with evaporation
  • Using kitty litter (put out of sight) can have an effect on the humidity as well. Silica-based products work best.
  • Using baking soda which is a natural odour and moisture absorber can be another way. You can place some on a dish around the room or near your working station.

Increasing the humidity levels

moistureHere are some methods that can help you increase the humidity levels in the room. Please note that as with the lowering methods some of these may not have an effect straight away and may require an extended period of time to take effect (1-3 days).

Usually, it takes less than 1 litre of water to increase the humidity in the room with around 10%.

  • Using a nano mister can be very effective. They spray a very fine mist which adds a small amount of moisture to your client's lashes after you finish the lash set. Be careful not to hold it too close to the eye to avoid drops of water getting on to the lashes. Ideally, you may want to hold it 30cm away before switching it on.
  • Using water spray can be a very effective way to increase the humidity. Just spray some water around the room from a squirty bottle.
  • Placing plants in the room can also help increase the humidity. Make sure that they are watered and well taken care of.
  • Place fresh flowers in the room. This can help you increase the humidity levels as well as add extra chic points to your beauty salon. :)
  • One of the immediate ways to add moisture to the air is to introduce boiling water in the room. If you add a couple of drops of essential oils to the water can make the room even attractive to you pleasant to be in.

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