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How to choose the perfect lash style

Maya Stoimenova

Just like lash salons and technicians aren’t all the same – the same is true for styles. You can’t just say “I want eyelash extensions”. Here are a few of the most popular styles:

The Cat Eye

This style is characterised by extra thickness and length towards the outside of the eyelash which just like the name, gives the appearance of a cat’s eye! This look is popular for events like weddings because it is dramatic enough, yet still quite natural looking and very feminine.

The Natural Eye

This style is supposed to be quite subtle. Most of us aren’t blessed with long, full lashes, so the natural eye is designed to look like you’ve been gifted with long, thick lashes without looking like extensions. People won’t always notice these extensions because they really do look so natural, but you’ll start to get compliments on how your eyes really stand out, and your eyes will look great even without any makeup!

The Open Eye

Definitely, the best choice for those with hooded eyelids because their lashes tend to point straight out instead of curling up. The open eye style overcomes this by creating a natural looking lash that creates extra curl so that their eye looks bigger and much more accentuated.

Lash Style Consultation

There are so many stories from clients about salons not even asking what they want. They simply lay them down on the table and get to work as if everyone wants the same set of lashes!
Always assess your clients' face and eye shape to help them choose the right style. You can suggest that the client brings in a photo of a celebrity or a high-resolution sample photo that could help you determine what looks they are chasing.
Always give suggestions and make sure that you are providing the best service and product. The client may not know that some lashes or styles can be incompatible with their lashes or face shape. Clients will always appreciate your honesty and you can gain their trust. Remember that a long-lasting relationship is always built upon trust and respect.

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